Testimonials – Mentally Fit Institute



  • G.M.
    Extremely well structured approach to human change by Mentally Fit. MFI is becoming more essential for IBM in the Benelux. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the group interaction, the open and frank discussions, and the possibility to learn from my colleagues’ experiences.
  • K.M.
    Mentally Fit has been our guide in this journey as an independent, professional team coach. Mentally Fit has managed the framework and given the team the required direction for development and attention.
  • M.C.
    A dynamic, engaged and flexible expert-guide in the journey of creating a team.
  • F.T.
    Our MFI trainer continues with great pragmatism to confront the issues of our routines. Once the shackles are broken and listening revived, he offers us distance and reflection. Next he designs, models, explains and reinstates in us the incontrovertible respect of man and the structure and steps necessary to achieve a goal.
  • P.K.
    Thank you Mentally Fit for an inspiring day! I like your energy, drive, experience, passion, expertise and talent, there must be a great future for you. All trainers made a great connection between the sport and the corporate world.
  • R.K.
    Great group of people to share experiences with a refreshing look at the management universe. Great balance between Sport an Corporate world. The coaches were able to translate it and connect to our reality. Surprising and effective.
  • M.R.
    What an excitement can arise in a team after just one event! I am very pleased with the opportunity to learn and grow together with such an impressive group of colleagues. The coach from Mentally Fit drove us to a different kind of thinking. Let’s see how we can positively make an impact our Global organization!
  • X.M.
    More than once I’m aware of all those ‘little things” mentioned on the seminar which are so helpful every day : determinate what’s urgent and important, managing my agenda, being right out of everything in the evening, fixing my (most realistic) daily and future goals, coming to the central issue concerning the big stones, professional, private and myself…
  • J.W.B.
    It is strange, but during the session, one hears everything, but one wonders a bit how to put all this in practice. But it really occurs automatically if you take the time to listen to yourself. It is amazing. This seminary has really pushed me to go further, even there where I never thought, because the daily jobs took over my life.
  • S.G.
    Best part for me was the exchange of viewpoints with colleagues from other parts of our business and the recognition of employee engagement. Furthermore the coach impressed me with her contagious enthusiasm.
  • L.D.
    I found the Sport metaphor very inspirational. This method will help me optimizing my work and focusing on the right things. I already started implementing some of the discussed topics.
  • R.B.
    It is not about what you can do additionally. It is about what you will stop doing or on what you will spend less time, so you can accomplish more; don’t work hard, work smart!
  • L.M.
    I want to congratulate Mentally Fit for the excellent Corporate Athlete session they lead. All feedbacks are unanimous: great! excellent! fantastic! better than anyother already received! They demonstrate such strong knowledge of the typology background that this allows fluid and natural talk when interacting with people during the session. Simply thank you.
  • L.V.
    Being confronted with your strengths, weaknesses and development points via the model of becoming a corporate athlete is a reality check very helpful and energizing!