Energize Yourself – Mentally Fit Institute


The key to performance is Energy Management.  We all know the 3 golden combinations for success:  IQ (Intelligence - Brain - Mental Energy)  QE (Engagement - Heart - Emotional Energy)  QC (Health - Body - Physical Energy)  .


In this changing world, a new dimension emerges QS (Spiritual Quotient). Balance and meaning (why) are important for individuals and organizations.  Our objective is to develop your  individuals energy on four axes (QI - QE - QC - QS) to guide them to the path of excellence. While people are primarily recruited for their IQ abilities, a reward or promotion will be more often awarded for social and relational abilities (QE). On the other hand, long-term human performance depends on continued attention to physical maintenance and health (QC).


Our programs on personal energy offer concrete personal reinforcement techniques. 

  • Discover how to perform better under high pressure while maintaining a good quality of life and health.
  • Improve commitment and actions within your team. 
  • Provide an environment, workplace that gives the tools to cope with pressure and where individuals can create their own energy stock.